Handcrafted and Comfortable

PT Fit products are crafted from wood for a natural feel, sturdy construction, and earth-friendly design.

Our high quality birch forms a product that will last for years of use and enjoyment.

The unique roller designs also allow for flexibility, and a custom self-massage that other neck and back massagers cannot offer.

The PTFit Original Roller features a shepherd’s hook design with a set of rollers on the hook end. The handle features knobs for a firm grip. The hook shape allows you to massage hard to reach areas such as your neck, shoulder & shoulder blades, and the lower back. The roller makes this massager different from accupressure type massagers as you do not need to press and hold, but can roll and massage, much more like the motion of hands or thumbs massaging the muscle. Suggested Retail $29.95


PTFit Plus Roller
Similar to the Original PTFit, the PTFit Plus has a folding handle to make the massager easier to store or pack in a backpack or sport bag for traveling. Also features the rollers on the hook end. Suggested Retail $44.95


PTFit Hand Roller
Our PTFit Hand Roller is a two-handed massager that is great for massaging your legs after a workout. The rollers can provide deep muscle massage to the thighs, calves, buttocks and even the soles of the feet. Can also used with a helper for back massage as well. Suggested Retail $29.95


PTFit Multi Roller
PTFit Multi Roller combines the Original, Plus and Hand Rollers into a best-of-everything design: Rollers on the hook as well as the handle, making this the most versatile massager that we offer. Suggested Retail $49.95