These videos demonstrate how to use the Finnhook trigger point massage tool.

Finnhook can be used to relax trigger points of the Trapezius, Sciatica, Lower Back, Shoulders, Feet and more.




Massaging the shoulder blade area with Finnhook

Take hold of the hook with both hands and put the hook over the shoulder. Put the head of hook next to the shoulder blade and press the head of the hook against the muscle and stretch it. Move the head up and down or sideways a few centimeters at a time. When you find a sore spot pull downwards on the handle and at the same time slightly push the handle upwards, as shown by the arrow in the picture to the right for the best results. Apply the pressure for 10-20 seconds until the pain starts to ease. You can also rotate the shoulder as you hold the hook in position. This will also relax the muscles afterwards.


Massaging the Trapezius muscle with Finnhook

When you are working on the trapezium muscle the upper hand does the work by pulling down using a pumping motion as you go along bit by bit. This will increase the elasticity of the muscle and the energy will flow better. Also the head will start turning better. By turning the handle of the Hook to the side you can do the whole neck area.


Massaging the base of skull and neck with Finnhook

Look at the position of the hands. Put the head of the hook against the base of the skull where the neck muscles attach to the skull and rotate the head of the Hook with gentle movements and light pressure. This will help free the circulation of blood to the head. Headaches, dizziness and other problems will lessen as the brain will get more oxygen. Also the acupoints for the eyes will get treated at the same time.


Massaging the neck with Finnhook

Close the Hook into a “roller”-position and use the grip shown in the picture. Use the round front part of the Hook to roll it with suitable pressure along the neck area.


Massaging the chest with Finnhook

Close the Hook into a “roller” position to work on the muscles in the upper part of the chest, that usually are very tight. Use the roller also on the stomach area and the thighs and other leg muscles.


Massaging the back with Finnhook

You can easily massage your entire back area with the Finnhook. Press and pull the handle toward yourself as in the video, or grab the hook’s blade and rotate the end of the hook on the sore sport. This grip is especially helpful for women.


Massaging the shoulder with Finnhook

To increase the suppleness of the muscles found behind your shoulder, grab the hook’s hinge pin with the hand on the side you are treating. Place the hook behind your shoulder and press downward with the handle. Feel your force move from the front to the back. Press away your pain with the Finnhook. You’ll be able to move and raise your hand better.


Massaging the sciatica and buttocks with Finnhook

Using the Hook as shown in the picture with strong pressure you can work on the deep muscles of this area. Use both hands as you work this area moving the Hook to the tender areas that you will find in this region. Using the same grip, work the back muscles and leg muscles and the points where the muscles attach to the bone. Put the Hook under your armpit so that the head of the hook reaches the upper part of the back to work on the upper part of the long back muscles and to ease the tension under the shoulder blade and the shoulder area.



You may also download a printable Finnhook product guide containing these instructions.

Download Finnhook Instructions