What Is PTFit ?

You have a sore back, neck or shoulders; aches from repetitive strain; or muscle fatigue after a workout. Painfully familiar? PTFit is for you.

The PTFit Massage Roller makes it easy for you to massage sore muscles and relieve aches and pains. Roll, Relax and Recover with the PTFit massage tool.

PTFit massage rollers feature a smooth-rolling massage wheel which offers a finger-like touch for back, neck and shoulder massage. The hook design makes it easy for you to reach your neck, shoulders and back all by yourself.

Because you control the massage, you can adjust your massage as needed, and once you find a problem area give it the attention it needs by the one who knows what feels best: You.

And its convenient size and folding design means you can take it anywhere.

Use PTFit at the office on your break. Easily pack PTFit in your gym bag, backpack or carry-on.

PTFit comes in four models, three in a hook-shaped design, and one in a roller stick design (great for runners’ leg massage).

Each PTFit massage roller is great for massaging muscles that are sore from an athletic workout, common muscle pains, or pain from repetitive strain or work discomfort (for example working at a computer).

PTFit Products are manufactured in the United States using high-quality birch wood materials.

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