Dale Niggemann from PTFit Solutions demonstrated the new PTFit line of massage rollers at the National Chiropractic Show in Orlando, Florida in August.

Dr. Sally Byrd, ND, a naturopath and massage therapist from Orlando, met Dale and was able to try out the PTFit first-hand.

Below is a short excerpt from her blog on her impression of the PTFit!

Sally Byrd, ND

Orlando massage therapist Dr Sally Byrd

The gadgets at the trade shows are always fun. My booth neighbor and new friend, Dale has created a body massage tool for PTFit Solutions. Dale is a highly energetic, happy guy who is a creative genius who has invented numerous products . He eats well, forages herbs in the woods and loves the natural products industry.

The PTFit multi is my favorite, which is a self massager that needs no batteries or complicated explanations. This simple, affordable, wooden ergonomic device allows you to treat sore muscles between your chiropractic visits. It offers a unique shape that extends to hard-to-reach areas and is so much more effective than a traditional back scratcher. You can roll and gently press it into your upper back, shoulder blades, lower back, buttocks, and even your chest area with ease. The additional rollers can be used for sore legs-quads & hamstrings and even your feet. Only 10-15 minutes a day can change your level of body stress. Be sure to drink adequate water so that your body can remove toxic waste easily. After demonstrating the tool for 11 hours at the Chiropractic show, Dale was sleeping soundly! Several of us frequent travelers in the booth succumbed to buying one! The gadgets at the trade shows are always fun.

Sally is also the co-author of two books, “Are Your Kids Running on Empty?” and “Mom, I’m Hungry, What’s for Dinner?” with Ellen Briggs.
Thank you Sally for your kind words about PTFit!

You can learn more about Sally at her blog NutritionMissionary.com.

Learn more about the PTFit multi-roller massage tool.

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