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We are proud to provide four different PTFit products all made in the US from high quality materials.

PTFit Roller

The Original PTFit Roller

PTFit Original features a shepherd’s hook design with an integrated massage roller. This one-piece massager is economical yet effective. The hook end allows for easier access to the back, neck and shoulders, and the roller provides a more finger-like massage than other tools can provide.


The PTFit Plus

The PTFit Plus

The PTFit Plus improves on our original by incorporating a folding handle. This sturdy handle is thick and rounded, giving a more comfortable grip as well as making it easy to store and travel with PTFit.


The PTFit Hand

The PTFit Hand

PTFit Hand is a two-handed massager that is useful for relieving muscle tension in areas such as the legs (thighs and calves) as well as the buttocks and lower back (with help from a friend). The rollers are comfortable and effective.


PT Fit Multi

The PT Fit Multi Roller

Finally, the PTFit Multi combines the PTFit Plus with the PTFit Hand roller into a multiple use massager, great for relaxing the muscles in your back, as well as providing the versatility for leg massage after an intense workout or just to relax.


Why PTFit?

The positive impact of PTFit products are based on the release of muscle tension, improvement of blood flow, and the removal of the toxins from your body.

Simply press or massage for several seconds at a time, move the rolling tip or handle rollers up, down, or sideways by a few inches until the muscles relax. This way you can treat the desired area effectively and easily.


Many of us have tight muscles, especially in shoulder and neck areas due to non-ergonomic working conditions, driving a car, or stress. With the help of PTFit products, many people have found fast relief for their headaches, migraines, dizziness, symptoms of sciatica, and jammed neck.


For the best results use PTFit every day and drink plenty of water to increase the effect.