PTFit Multi

The PTFit Multi

 PTFit Multi 

  • Combination back massager & massage stick
  • Rollers on hook end
  • Rollers on handle
  • Solid wood construction



Suggested retail $54.95

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The PTFit Multi is a multi-use self massage tool designed to make self-massage easier!

PTFit Multi combines the benefits of a back massager along with a massage roller stick built right into PTFit Multi’s handle.

For times when you could use a great massage, but can’t get to the massage therapist or are otherwise on your own, PTFit Multi allows you to massage the hard-to-reach muscles of your neck, shoulders and back with ease.

The sturdy handle gives you firm control of where you roll the massage wheels. You can adjust the pressure as needed, and since you give the massage, you know exactly where you need it!

The massage roller stick built into the handle are a bonus, you can use them to massage your thighs, calves, the soles of your feet. Use your imagination!