The Finnhook

PTFit Products is happy to be a distributor of the popular Finnhook trigger point massage tool.

The Finnhook is a therapeutic self-massager used to relieve muscle tension in problem areas. While the PTFit uses rollers to roll across the muscles, the Finnhook is instead used for applying pressure to specific points (trigger points) to relieve pain, promote blood flow and healing.

Introduced in 2007, the Finnhook was very popular in Finland (well over 50,000 sold) and was brought to North America in 2010.

The FinnHook

The Finnhook is a versatile, ergonomic, and easy-to-use wellness product that provides the benefits of massage, acupressure and trigger point therapy all in one. The Finnhook has been developed after years of practical experience and the results are very positive. The Finnhook has been developed for everyone who suffers from neck pains, shoulder pains or back pains. The Finnhook, crafted from birch plywood, provides a simple and effective release from muscle tension and soreness, even on those hard to reach areas.

Self help for everybody

The developer Jukka Heininen: “I have interviewed thousands of people suffering from neck and shoulder pains. 95 % of them have suffered strong pain daily. I often heard the following question: ‘Who could help me? I live alone.’

It got me thinking what I could do to help them. After giving it a lot of thought and lots of experimentation I developed the FinnHook.”

Shoulder massage with Finnhook

A successful design

Marketing Director Paavo Leppänen: “The FinnHook has generated lots of excellent recommendations and comments. Users have recommended the FinnHook to their friends at their workplaces and in other social circles. Most of the comments have been positive, because the FinnHook has given real relief to so many problems”.

Great moments to use the FinnHook

The FinnHook is an excellent method to relieve computer-related muscle pains. FinnHooks have been bought by many companies to help their employees suffering from neck and back pain. Use the FinnHook at work during a break or lunchtime. Another good moment to use the FinnHook is while you watch TV or read the newspaper or listen to the radio. The FinnHook gives relief from headaches, shoulder pains, back and arm pains, lumbago, leg and foot pains.

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