PTFit Products are making a great impression!

The following testimonials show how everyday people are solving pain problems with the PTFit and Finnhook.


Dr. Sally ByrdDr Sally Byrd of Orlando, FL has this to say about PTFit:

The PTFit multi is my favorite, which is a self massager that needs no batteries or complicated explanations. This simple, affordable, wooden ergonomic device allows you to treat sore muscles between your chiropractic visits. It offers a unique shape that extends to hard-to-reach areas and is so much more effective than a traditional back scratcher. You can roll and gently press it into your upper back, shoulder blades, lower back, buttocks, and even your chest area with ease. The additional rollers can be used for sore legs-quads & hamstrings and even your feet. Only 10-15 minutes a day can change your level of body stress.


CXC Skier Caitlin Gregg (Photo Credit: Toko)Champion cross-country skier Caitlin Gregg uses the Finnhook to treat hamstrings after an injury sustained while roller skiing:

The Finnhook is one of my “must-haves” on the road during training camps and racing season. I keep one in my room at all times so that if I have an extra moment I can work on any other trouble spots. The range of possibilities with the Finnhook for recovery, rehabilitation and relaxation is endless. I use mine while in the van, watching technique video and after hard training sessions in the strength room.

You can read more about how Caitlin uses the Finnhook over at Cross Country Skier magazine.